About the IIES

The IIES is a research institute at Stockholm University, founded 1 July 1962. Its main objective is to produce outstanding research in Economics with maximal international impact -- i.e., highly cited publications in leading international journals.

Scholars from the IIES have received a number of international awards, such as one Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, one Yrjo Jahnsson Award (given biannually since 1995 to "the best European economist below 45"), four out of six Soderberg Prizes (given every four years since 1987 to "an outstanding Swedish economist"). In 2010 two IIES professors shared the Assar Lindbeck medal (given biannually since 2008). Among many other honors, two IIES scholars have been elected Presidents of the European Economic Association, one elected President of the Econometric Society, three elected Foreign Honorary Members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and six elected members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. A number of IIES scholars also hold positions on the Editorial boards of top international journals. Apart from this, the IIES is also host to the editorial office of the Review of Economic Studies.

A large number of visitors come to the IIES every year to present new findings, cooperate with the Institute's researchers, and conduct their own research. In recent years, members of the Institute have spent longer periods as visiting professors at Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, Berkeley, London School of Economics, and other leading universities. Through these activities, the IIES serves as a bridge between frontline economic research in Sweden and abroad. Researchers from the IIES have also served as experts for the World Trade Organization, OECD, the International Monetary Fund, EU, central banks and government agencies in Sweden and other countries.

Since the mid 1990s, all recruitment of younger researchers takes place in the yearly international market for new Ph.D. economists. At the other side of this market, young researchers with a recent Ph.D. thesis written at the IIES have received job offers from many internationally renowned universities and research institutions and taken up positions in the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Presently, about twenty graduate students are junior members of the IIES. As can be seen from the publications in leading journals, the younger IIES researchers have an outstanding publication record.

All researchers at the IIES teach in the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Economics at the university.